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Who am I and what’s the purpose of this blog?

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For several years, I have been ‘encouraged’ (actually, nagged) by my wife and friends to build my own blog.  After all, they reasoned, with a bazillion IMDB reviews to my credit, why not try to expand my obsession about movies into a blog where I can talk about films or give much more in depth reviews?  Well, I resisted.  Partly because I am old–at least when it comes to computers and the internet.  While my knowledge of computers is excellent for a 48 year-old, this would make me absolutely stupid compared to most teens and young adults–and blogging is usually something for the very young.  So, I was frankly intimidated about the prospect of making the blog.  There you have it…planktonrules (my imdb identity) is a coward.  The other reason I haven’t done anything by now outside of IMDB is that I am just not sure I have enough to say to keep anyone interested.  Time will tell with that–and that brings me to a request I have of you–please feel free to contact me and make CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions.  I want to make the site enjoyable and informative and if I make any mistakes (unfortunately, I am human) or if it’s boring, tell me.
My real name is Martin Hafer and I am very happily married to the lady in the picture with me.  Karen is a VERY accomplished woman–and I sometimes wonder why she picked me.  I guess it’s because I am a good cook and I make her laugh, among other things–plus she is the love of my life.  Karen is also known as ‘Karen Rose’–this is her pen name and she is an international best-selling author (wow, I am in awe).  She’s been #1 on the best seller list in some countries and just recently made it to #7 on the New York Times list here in the US.  She is an amazing woman.  And, because she is successful, it has allowed me to retire very young. This, combined with the VERY long hours she works when she’s working on a book, give me lots of time to review movies as well as fish, kayak, scuba and travel.  I am truly a blessed man.
As far as my life before Karen’s books, it was quite interesting.  I am a trained individual and group therapist–and worked in a private practice in Ohio.  However, the job took me away from the family too much and was VERY dangerous.  In fact, I nearly was killed twice on the job–seriously.  Not surprisingly, I did a career change and taught middle and high school history, psychology, government and economics.  I loved this work and would do it today except that given the choice, I’d rather travel, watch movies and take care of my family–which, apart from my wife and myself, consists of two great daughters, two adorable dogs and a cat.   I could say a lot more, but frankly you probably are just here to read the blog…so I’ll end here and just recommend you try my Facebook page for more personal details of my life.

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  1. Dear Martin,
    a lot of thanks for your reviews on IMDB. Since my algorithm for finding an “intelligent slice” of IMDB reviews (see ilyaz.org/kino) often puts your avatar on the page, I decided to include your 10/10 ratings into the short list of “notable lists of films” (or maybe it was just because your avatar is cute?!).

    Thanks again, Ilya
    P.S. Just in case, my email is nospam-abuse at the site listed above.

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