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What OTHER things I like….

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While I love movies, I fortunately have other interests in my life:

–I am a home brewer and if you know me, you know I probably offered you some free beer!  I have been brewing since August, 2011.  Currently, I am the vice president of HAMS (Homebrewers of Manatee Sarasota)–mostly because no one else wanted the job.  I have just recently entered a few beer competitions and if I do well, I’ll post it to my Facebook.

–I love to fish–mostly inshore saltwater fishing.  I used to write a regular column on this but in recent years I just fish–using my Hobie pedal kayak (woot).

–I adore my family but because my daughters are shy, they get embarrassed if I talk too much about them.  So, aside from a few pictures on Facebook, I keep them out of my internet doings.  They appreciate this!

–Although I don’t go often enough, I really love scuba diving.  The way I see it is that if this old guy can do it, you can too.  Some of my underwater pictures are on Facebook.

–I love weird and unusual food.  I will taste just about anything and wish Andrew Zimern would friend me!  I have eaten a lot of strange things including: kangaroo, gnu, impala, eland, springbok, ostrich, bird’s nest soup, snails, octopus, sea urchin, brains, haggis, chitlins, head cheese, thymus glands, stomach and my mother’s cooking.

–I adore traveling and hope to do much more.  I have been to South Africa, the UK, Germany, Paris, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, most of the Caribbean and a few other places abroad.  I have been most excited recently by my travels to the US–and loved seeing California, New Mexico and many other states.  I really think traveling if important for everyone to do as much as possible.

–Despite being a very pudgy guy, I do exercise a lot–averaging about 10 hours a week for the last three years.  I am pudgy but my doctor says I am a HEALTHY pudgy guy!  I like to power walk WHILE I WATCH MY MOVIES!!  Seriously.  Several thousand films I have reviewed were watched from a treadmill.

–I adore history and was a middle and high school history teacher.  I also taught psychology, government and economics.  In grad school, I taught young counselors how to do psychotherapy.



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